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In short, we are experts at securing and managing pay-per-lead media using television, radio, newspaper, web video and email marketing. We are highly efficient and frugal. In the main, your firm pays only for each valid or qualified lead.  There is no fee sharing or referral costs. 

More importantly, our proven systematic process will target, attract, qualify and process candidates so that you can concentrate on growing your business and law practice.  We do this very well. And we’ve made these guys a lot of money over the years.  Now it’s your turn.

We have a highly effective process for securing national tort liability cases or providing an immediate flow of personal injury cases.   May we help you grow your law firm or co-counsel practice?


What We Do Differently: Scientific Direct Marketing

With LawyerProfit, you’ll learn about our three exclusive processes that offer you a very unique advantage: a function between media investment and profits.
In essence, our econometrics program creates a predictable correlation between direct response advertising, lead conversion and law firm profits. 

Our first secret weapon is multi-variable regression analysis (MVRA). This process allows our clients to predict the value of future leads by crunching the data of past successes in order to repeat and scale future marketing. Think of this as lead scoring.

Secondly, you’ll learn how we developed the Broadcast Yield Analysis© to predict the volume and cost of case leads over time. This tool lets you obtain cases nationally at a predictable cost and reduces the risk of your advertising. Imagine knowing how much it will cost to have a quality seat at the MDL before you begin.

Lastly, we offer a Depleting Inventory Model for securing mass tort cases within days of an FDA recall. This advantage can solve the “land grab” problem of a hot new mass tort. With the ability to “get ahead of the competition” you can both reduce the cost of case acquisition and attain a significant quantity of cases to enjoy the benefits of being a lead counsel at the MDL.

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